21 de janeiro de 2011

Indiepop will never die, but you will

É isso aí pessoal! O blog acaba aqui. Do primeiro post publicado em 16 de junho de 2006 até hoje passaram vários cds, bandas, clips, flyers, e pessoas legais que formaram o Biff Bang Pop!

Agradeço a todos que colaboraram de alguma maneira.

Vou pegar o meu boné e partir.

A gente se esbarra.


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Gustaf Classon disse...

Hey guys, great blog! I found it through indipages.com. My name is Gustaf and I play in the swedish alt. rock band sleeping dervish. We've been described as playing a mix between US college- and UK manchester-rock.
This autumn we finished recording and released our third demo, an EP called the water scared, which we're now trying to promote DUI-style :-) . We would love if you'd listen through it and, if you liked it, either reviewed it or maybe mentioned us in a post... every kind of attention is appreciated! Our music genre isn't really super popular in Sweden so we're hoping to pick up listeners abroad!

You can download the whole EP including lyrics and a press kit through our dropbox:

Or, if you hate zip-files with a passion, just listen to us through soundcloud:

You have our permission to post any of our songs on our blog or offer them as a download!
Thank you so much for taking your time, hope to hear from you! / Gustaf Classon

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sleeping-Dervish/30505246115
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0eeWpmdj527S8ZPAwp6SkF
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sleepingdervish

GOMES disse...

vo senti saudades, ira manter a conta??

Biff Bang Pop! disse...

Gomes, o blog fica no ar. Obrigado!!

Anônimo disse...

Saudades Glaidson.

karolaine disse...

adorei esse blog,é tão lindo os relatos que eu paro até para imaginar sobre minha vida e sobre a minha infancia.!

Biff Bang Pop! disse...

Karolaine, obrigado!

gallo disse...

po gostava da versão impressa tbm .....é uma pena...conheci muita coisa aqui....

Biff Bang Pop! disse...

Obrigado Gallo!